Dario Saric dropped an F-bomb live on Comcast SportsNet

Sixers rookie Dario Saric speaks to Comcast SportsNet's Molly Suillivan following the team's 105-95 win over the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday.

Dario Saric likes many things, but one thing he apparently hates is cold water being dumped on his head.

The gesture didn’t go over well with Saric, who dropped some foul language that CSN aired uncensored.

After the Sixers 105-95 win over the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday, the Croatian rookie was conducting a post-game interview with Comcast SportsNet’s Molly Sullivan when his jubilant teammate, point guard T.J. McConnell, dumped water on Saric’s head.

That led to an uncensored F-bomb.

Here is a cleaned-up version:

Despite the appearance of some animosity, Sullivan said both Saric and McConnell enjoyed a good laugh over the prank in the team’s bus after the game.

“Dario feels horrible about his choice of words,” Sullivan wrote on Twitter. “He was simply caught off-guard and told me, ‘Did they not see my smile?' ”

After the game, Saric shared a photo on Instagram of himself with McConnell and apologized to fans for the outburst. He also spawned a new catch-phrase for Sixers fans to embrace: Trust the friendship.

This pic is evidence of true friendship and that my reaction was in the heat of the moment. I want to apologize to all fans and @tjmcconnell of course�� Once again I feel so sorry. #TrustTheFriendship #win #76ers #philly #teamspirit

A photo posted by Dario Saric (@megalodon20) on Jan 8, 2017 at 12:31pm PST