Brooklyn Nets retire mascot, which was a knight for some reason

You remember BrooklyKnight, don't you? He's the soulless robot from the future who loves Brooklyn Nets basketball. Apparently, his name was a play on the term "Brooklynite," which I'm not sure I would have realzed until ti was explained to me.

But none of that matters now, as BrooklyKnight is about to sent to the Deactivation Chamber.

Knight will join Hip Hop the Bunny on the NBA mascot scrap heap, unless he becomes aware of the team's grim plans for his future and pulls off some sort of esca--



Well, he's not one of those robots that, upon going rogue, begins hunting his tormenters - who first kept him prisoner in Brooklyn and forced him to like basketball, then plotted to have him incinerated - and eliminating them systematically based on their individual worst fears?

What?! Oh my god, why is that in his programming?!