Sixers crying foul over lack of free throw attempts

"No energy at all," coach Doug Collins said of the Sixers. "We were lethargic . . . just couldn't get it going." (Matt Slocum/AP)

The 76ers are admittedly a tired team. Yet it’s time to stop using the tired argument that the officials are not sending them to the foul line enough.

After Tuesday’s 109-89 loss to the Brooklyn Nets, Sixers coach Doug Collins was talking about fouls that aren’t being called. Actually what he didn’t say told his true opinion.

“I don’t want to talk of it because I will get fined,” he said.

Collins obviously feels the Sixers aren’t getting the calls, and so do his players.

“The last two years we really haven’t gotten calls,” said swingman Evan Turner. “We get to the paint and get hit and slapped.”

Turner added that he has bruises all over his body, presumably from fouls that weren’t called.

“We can’t worry about what we can’t control,” he said.

Actually, he is worrying about it.

The Nets attempted 22 free throws to just 10 for the Sixers, continuing a season-long pattern

The Sixers have attempted 630 free throws. Their opponents have attempted 809 foul shots.

Just because there is a discrepancy, doesn’t mean that the Sixers have been dealt a wrong hand.

They are a team that relies too often on jumpers. Jrue Holiday leads the team with 104 free throw attempts and Thaddeus Young is second with 96 followed by Turner with 95. All three have the ability to get to the line more than what they’ve done.

Either way, it’s dangerous for the team to keep complaining about their lack of free throw attempts. They should do something about it, be much more aggressive in taking it to the basket and force the officials to make the calls.

-Marc Narducci