Roy Halladay finally goes to zoo with stranger from internet

Once upon a time, there was a dence Phillies blogosphere, choked with voices. Some were serious and charismatic, and they became slate gray media professionals. Some were analytical and goofy, and they became statisticians. Some were goofy and caffeinated, and they disappeared into the internet.

But one had nothing more at stake than a single dream. There were no career aspirations, no sinister motives behind the curtain at I Want to Go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay. There was merely the fantasy that perhaps, in 2010, the seed was planted for a trip to the zoo with the ace pitcher whom a league-ruling Phillies team had acquired.

Today, that dream was realized.

It's been a bizarre couple of years in Phillies media, reflecting the nature of the team and changing of the industry overall. But despite all of the happenings, we can say with thick confidence that if this is the end product of years and years of internet, then it was all well worth it.