Where the Phillies ended the year in most offensive categories

Philadelphia Phillies' Darin Ruf, right, strikes out as Atlanta Braves catcher Gerald Laird returns to the dugout in the fifth inning of a baseball game, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

This isn't going to be pretty.

The Phillies 2013 offensive rankings:

Hits (1355)

NL: 9th of 15

MLB: 20th of 30

Runs (610)

NL: 13th of 15

MLB: 27th of 30

Doubles (255)

NL: 11th of 15

MLB: 22nd of 30

Triples (32)

NL: tied for 5th of 15

MLB: tied for 8th of 30

Home Runs (140)

NL: 9th of 15

MLB: 23rd of 30

Walks (417)

NL: 14th of 15

MLB: 27th of 30

Stolen Bases (73)

NL: 9th of 15

MLB: 20th of 30

RBI (578)

NL: tied for 13th of 15

MLB: tied for 25th of 30

Batting Average (.248)

NL: 10th of 15

MLB: 21st of 30

OPS (.640)

NL: 12th of 15

MLB: 24th of 30

Cliff Lee death stares

NL: 1st of 15

MLB: 1st of 30

  • The Marlins finished last in runs, hits, doubles, home runs, RBI, BA, and OPS. The only thing in which they didn't finish last was triples (they finished 9th in MLB behind the Phillies).
  • The Orioles finished last in triples (14).
  • The top base stealing threats in the NL are the Rockies, Padres, and Mets, who all finished with over 110 stolen bases and a success rate between 77-78%. They paled in comparison to the Brewers, however, who stole 142 bases, emerging successful 72% of the time.
  • That's nothing compared to the AL. The Red Sox ran wild, with an 83% success rate for 123 stolen bases in 142 tries. The Royals were even more dangerous, with 153 steals in 185 attempts (79%). 
  • Of all of those teams with base running capabilites, only one (Boston) was in the top 10 for on base percentage. Which explains why they're also the only one in the playoffs.
  • The Red Sox also saved themselves from having to steal by hitting 570 extra base knocks, 36 more than the team behind them (Baltimore).
  • The Marlins' home runs were spaced apart by an average of 57 at-bats. The Orioles only had to wait 26. Thanks, Chris Davis (The Phillies were at 39).
  • The Phillies did make the top 10 in one category - grounding into double plays. They finished the year in a four-way gridlock in 9th place with the Giants, Marlins, and Royals with 131 rally-killers.
  • The Phillies' pinch hitters finished the year with 22 hits. Somehow, this was good enough for second in baseball (tied with the Cubs and Pirates). Their batting average of .222 was good enough for 10th.