Talking 'Bout Walk-Offs

Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

More than enough stuff on Phillies’ walk-off wins to get you through this upcoming West Coast trip. All numbers are through Sunday’s games:

♦ Since the beginning of the 2012 season, the Phillies have 109 home wins (23rd in the majors), but a MLB-high 29 walk-off wins. That works out to 26.6% of their home victories have been walk-offs in the last two-plus seasons. The Marlins (with 21 WOs among their 105 home wins) are next at 21%.

♦ Ryan Howard now has 11 career walk-off RBI. That is behind only Mike Schmidt’s 17 among Phillies since 1938 (which is how far back is able to sort walk-off wins). You can see a list with both players’ walk-offs HERE.

♦ Schmidt’s first WO was against the great Bob Gibson. It was the first game they had faced each other and Schmidt had struck out twice and walked in his first three appearances.

♦ Marlon Byrd Sunday was the 10th different player to score the winning run on a Ryan Howard walk-off RBI. Only Chase Utley (twice in 2007) has scored the GW run on a Howard WO more than once.

♦ Even Howard has only scored the winning run on a walk-off homer once (he has no solo walk-off homers). Schmidt was his own game-winning run-scorer (say that 10 times fast) six times.

♦ Schmidt had two walk-off walks in his career (Ron Swoboda had four, tops since 1938).

♦  Current Phillies’ coaches Larry Bowa and Juan Samuel scored GW runs on Schmidt WOs. In fact, Sammy crossed the plate to end the game each of the last three times Schmitty did it in his career.