Ryne Sandberg pleased with Jimmy Rollins' improved OBP

The Phillies' Jimmy Rollins. (Matt Slocum/AP)

Early in his tenure, interim manager Ryne Sandberg was candid about necessary improvements for Jimmy Rollins. The shortstop has hit .168 since Sandberg was promoted, but he sees a different player.

Rollins drew 15 walks in 75 plate appearances beginning Aug. 16, the day Sandberg replaced Charlie Manuel. He accumulated the same amount of walks in 258 plate appearances from June 4 to Aug. 14.

His on-base percentage is .347 in his last 18 games. It was .306 before then. That was one area Sandberg stressed.

"I've seen a lot already," Sandberg said. "Oh, I've seen the bases on balls and working of the counts. He has gotten on base with walks. He has applied his base running."

Sandberg used Freddy Galvis' addition to the roster as a chance Tuesday to sit Rollins.

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