Ruben Amaro Jr. has no qualms with Jonathan Papelbon comments

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images file photo)

MILWAUKEE — There were three weeks until the July 31 trade deadline when Ruben Amaro Jr. grabbed a pack of jalapeno sunflower seeds Thursday afternoon and found a spot on the wooden dugout bench. This was a moment for more reality.

Jonathan Papelbon, the Phillies' closer, made it clear Wednesday night he would welcome a trade to a contender. "I think that's a no-brainer," Papelbon said. A day later, his boss agreed.

"He never expressed to me that he's been unhappy," Amaro said. "Why wouldn't players want to play on a contending team? It's really rather simple."

Cole Hamels, the team's $144 million ace and a possible — but unlikely — trade chip, sauntered by Amaro in the dugout.


Do you want the Phillies to trade closer Jonathan Papelbon?

"He wants to play on a winning team," Amaro said, pointing to Hamels. "Why wouldn't he?"

The Phillies general manager said he did not interpret Papelbon's comments as negative toward the organization. They were, in effect, a moment of honesty that is uncommon among professional athletes in Papelbon's position.

Amaro, when asked if he would honor Papelbon's wishes, declined to answer. The closer has not demanded a trade. And Amaro would not say whether teams have expressed interest in Papelbon. The Phillies will have to pay a majority of the $19 million owed to Papelbon in a trade, which is an expected conclusion at this point.

Papelbon has a 1.24 ERA with 22 saves in 24 opportunities.

"He's been outstanding," Amaro said. "Is there anybody better right now. Stuff-wise there might be a guy better, but he's doing his job. He's been phenomenal. He's been outstanding for our kids in the bullpen; I mean he's been really good with them back there. That means a lot."

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