Phillippe Aumont's gallery of varying success

Hulking Canadian giant/young reliever Phillippe Aumont will be rejoining the Phillies this week, taking the place of a tendinitis-ridden Michael Stutes on the team's roster.

Aumont is part of a revolving door of youthful arms who have failed to live up to most potential this season, but like many of them, raw talent seems to be in there, somewhere; there's just a wild card factor twisting it into unrecognizable mayhem.

For Aumont, that mayhem is his control. He's got this squirrely-looking slider that has been immensely satisfying in the past.


However, his control issues - which he says are due to mixed messages from different areas of the coaching staff - sometimes make it look more like this.


And sometimes, you get both at once.


Aumont hit 95 on the gun in his last appearance with the IronPigs, so velocity isn't the issue right now. But, it's not like there's a tight divisional race hanging in the balance, so really, if he can just go out there and chuck the ball until he figures it out, then maybe all is well.