The Phillies are baseball's most profitable team, according to Forbes

Forbes published its latest Major League Baseball team valuations this week. The Phillies rank No. 9, with a value of $1.65 billion — up 34 percent from last year's $1.235 billion.

That's not the most interesting part, though. Nor is the fact that the team's percentage increase in value is the third-highest in MLB. Or that the team's total revenue of $325 million also ranks No. 9.

The most interesting part is that the Phillies' operating income — a fancy term for profit — is the majors' biggest.

The Phillies delivered an $87.7 million profit last year, according to Forbes. That's nearly $4 million more than the second-place Chicago Cubs, who only won the World Series and sold more merchandise from it than most humans could possibly imagine.


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The Boston Red Sox are third at $78.6 million. The New York Yankees were way down in 25th at just $3.9 million. At the bottom, the Los Angeles Dodgers lost $20.5 million, and the Detroit Tigers lost $36.4 million.

Also, cue a reminder from Matt Breen that the Phillies will aim to write some massive checks soon to try to lure superstars such as Washington's Bryce Harper, who will be a free agent after the 2018 season.

The Phillies have just one contract on the books after this season and will have the resources to match the rest of baseball. They also have an owner who desperately wants to win, a TV contract worth $2.5 billion and a front office waiting for the right time to add to their young nucleus.

It is safe to assume that Harper, who will be just 26 when he signs his mega deal, will be a target.


"That time is coming," [Phillies general manager Matt] Klentak said. "It's a matter of whether it's coming the following year. It's not limited to free agency. We could just as easily make an investment in the form of a trade to acquire a big contract. That time is coming."

For the record, here's how the NL East teams compare in Forbes' valuations.

Philadelphia Phillies

Value: $1.65 billion (No. 9)
Change from last year: +34% (No. 3)
Revenue: $325 million (No. 8)
Operating income: $87.7 million (No. 1)

Atlanta Braves

Value: $1.5 billion (No. 12)
Change from last year: +28% (No. 7)
Revenue: $275 million (No. 15)
Operating income: $15.2 million (No. 22)

New York Mets

Value: $2 billion (No. 6)
Change from last year: +21% (No. 15)
Revenue: $332 million (No. 7)
Operating income: $31.7 million (No. 15)

Miami Marlins

Value: $940 million (No. 25)
Change from last year: +39% (No. 2)
Revenue: $206 million (No. 29)
Operating income: -$2.2 million (No. 28)

Washington Nationals

Value: $1.6 billion (No. 10)
Change from last year: +23% (No. 13)
Revenue: $304 million (No. 10)
Operating income: $37.6 million (No. 12)