Study: Phillies fans are baseball's biggest bandwagoners

Early fans enjoy the nice day before the start of the game. Phillies v Dodgers on Sunday, May 25, 2014 at Citizens Bank Park. ( RON CORTES / Staff Photographer ).

The Phillies' dramatic decline in attendance over the last two seasons got some national attention this week.

A study by Emory Marketing Sports Analytics at Emory University in Atlanta concluded that Phillies fans are the most demanding in all of baseball.

It also seemed to conclude that Phillies fans are baseball's biggest bandwagoners.

The study looked at fan attendance in relation to winning percentage to determine just how ‘demanding’ a fan base is of its team. Its methodology can be found here.

Data was collected between 1998 and 2013. The result is a pretty clear picture of Phillies fans.

In 2011, the team’s last playoff season, the Phillies ranked first in all of baseball in percentage of seats filled up at the stadium. That number has declined in the three seasons since - all of which have passed without trips to the postseason. reported that Phillies attendance dropped by more than 15 percent last season, and so far this season, the team ranks 13th in the majors in percentage of stadium seats filled.

The study, which can also provide some insight into which cities are most prone to bandwagon behavior, suggests that the results fit the Philadelphia fan stereotype:

“This fits the stereotype of Philadelphia fans as aggressive, demanding fans that are willing to cheer injuries and boo Santa.”

In short: "the numbers say Philadelphia fans require their team to perform or they won't show up."