Pete Orr, Phillies part ways after three magical years

In 2011, you didn't have to do much to endear yourself to Phillies fans. Things were going so well, even Michael Martinez had a nickname, and not an insulting one. The Phillies won 102 games, the most ever for a Phillies team, and on that roster occasionally was an infielder named Pete Orr.

Orr was Canadian, and the only one of his brothers to choose to pursue a sport other than hockey. The Phillies picked him up for infield depth, but the 33-year-old Orr also provided a capacity for speed. He was even good for an RBI now and again.

As a Phillie, in 96 games, he hit .247/.293/.599. In 2012, he went 17-for-54, good enough for a .315 batting average. He was almost trampled to death by some sausages.

Ironic, then, or maybe it isn't, who knows, that the team to scoop Orr up at the age of 34 would be the Brewers, whose costumed meat puppets almost squashed him years ago.

Farewell, Pete Orr. May the minor league deals be plentiful and the sausages be ever on your plate.