Michael Young clears waivers, can be traded with approval

Michael Young. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Charlie Manuel's original lineup, which was tacked to a board outside the Phillies clubhouse for all of 30 minutes, included Michael Young. Young was scratched shortly before 11 a.m. with what Manuel described as "a tight hamstring."

"I'm pretty sure if it was a night game I would have played," Young said. "The quick turnaround didn't help."

Young's status in Philadelphia is tenuous, so any abrupt change sounds sirens. The Phillies are content on retaining Young for the remainder of 2013, but they are no longer bound by the constraints of July 31 trade deadline if they are so inclined to jettison the 36-year-old veteran infielder.

Young cleared waivers, according to a FOXSports.com report, which means he can be traded to any of the 29 other clubs. Any trade, of course, is contingent on Young's approval because he holds a full no-trade clause.

The return in any trade would be minimal. Ruben Amaro Jr. cited that as his reasoning for why Young was not dealt before July 31. Young said he would approve a trade to more than one team, and it was believed Texas, Boston, New York and Baltimore were all possible destinations.

If a large need arises for a contending team between now and Aug. 31, when postseason rosters must be set, perhaps the Phillies find a match.

"The trade deadline clearly doesn't mean all that much," Young said. "I knew it was a possibility. That's kind of off my radar right now. If something comes up, I'm sure someone will let me know. Until then, I'll get ready to play every night."

Young will earn $16 million in 2013, $10 million of which is being paid by Texas. So the Phillies owe him a little less than $2 million for the duration of the season. That salary relief is probably the best thing any acquiring team has to offer.

The Phillies are unlikely to re-sign Young, a free agent, this winter.

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