Matt Stairs still smells Jonathan Broxton's blood

You don't need to think too hard to understand Matt Stairs' appeal to Phillies fans. His place in the booth next to Tom McCarthy and sometimes Jamie Moyer will be a welcome change, presuming he takes every opportunity he cane to bring up the 2008 NLCS home run that made him famous in the area.

There's another area where Stairs' round-tripper still lingers: inside Jonathan Broxton's brain. 

Or at least, that's where Stairs intends for it to stay. Broxton is the hurler who gave up Stairs' legendary pinch hit home run, and would go on to surrender more dramatic leads to the Phillies in years to come. 

But Stairs has made it clear that he's not done with Broxton, who is now with the Reds, even from the broadcast booth.

On the current Phillies, 10 players have faced Broxton in their careers in the regular season. Those 10 are hitting .283 against him in 46 ABs, with a .795 OPS. Chooch is 4-for-4 against him with three doubles; Ryan Howard is 0-for-8 with six strikeouts.