MLB All-Star Game will feature fans pouring beer for themselves

This is what beer looks like. (Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Darren Rovell is reporting one of those things that makes you go, "Huh, that's interesting" and not "Oh my god, shut up, Darren Rovell."

The 2014 MLB All-Star Game will have an innovative new beer-serving medium, in which fans will be able to serve themselves beer from a machine and pay by the ounce. With the $10, $20, or $50 cards available to use, fans will be tracked so that they do not purchase more than 48 ounces of Bud, Bud Light, Shock Top Shandy, or Goose Island Urban Pale Ale over the course of 15 minutes. So, restrain yourselves.

Human employees will be standing by in case any 14-year-olds try to get clever or any machines try to get self-aware. Rovell sneaks up on you, however, because after this first cool thing, he just starts reading from the Target Field ASG menu, courtesy of company Delaware North:

"Delaware North will also use the All-Star Game festivities to show off some new food items, including lobster corn dogs and a Hangover Burger, which features two hamburger patties with bacon, American cheese and a fried egg with mayo, ketchup and sriracha sauce."

Oh my god, shut up, Darren Rovell.