Galvis vs. Rollins

The Phillies' Jimmy Rollins and Freddy Galvis. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Freddy Galvis has more home runs (9) at this point in his career than Jimmy Rollins (7) did at the corresponding point (389 plate appearances) of his career. Rollins leads Galvis in every other category, with the exception of doubles.

This came up because Galvis hit his ninth career home run to put the Phillies on the board in the fifth inning last night. Of course, Rollins had to go and blast career home run No. 199 an inning later.

The feeling of the BoopStats staff is that we don't want to suffer through another little guy trying to hit home runs for 15 years when he could be doing more good with his bat by hitting balls that never even get high enough to clear a fence.

Something tells us that Darin Ruf and Domonic Brown and Cody Asche will launch enough missiles for NASA to track in the next dozen years and Galvis should concentrate on defense and getting in base.


At what position would the Phillies’ Darin Ruf be best defensively?

Now ... back to Chip Kelly and the Eagles ...


 Hgt. / Wgt.  5-10, 170  5-8, *165
 MLB Debut  April 5, 2012  Sept. 17, 2000 
 389th PA  Sept. 11, 2013   June 27, 2001
 Games  117  88
 Batting Avg.  .226  .283
    H-AB  82-363  103-364
 On-Base Pct.  .268  .317
    Walks  20  18
    Strikeouts  69  58
    SO/100 AB  19.01  15.93
 Slugging Pct.  .383  .426
    Doubles  20  13
    Triples  5  9
    Home Runs  9  7
    Total Bases   139  155
 Runs  26  45
 RBI  42  35
    R+RBI-HR  59  73

*Rollins weight is from the Phillies 2001 Media Guide ... He is listed at 180 in the 2013 Guide.