Cole Hamels recognized for devastating change-up

Cole Hamels, currently out on waivers. (Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

The Phillies aren't winning a lot this year - games, trades, people over - so those few honors they receive will certainly be highlighted.

Baseball America celebrated the potentially mundane early August portion of the season, when fans of flailing, or motionless, teams tend to drift away into doing other things, by holding an awards ceremony. "2014 Major League Best Tools" they're calling it. Makes sense.

Anyway, the voting results were not completely void of Phillies, as the staff ace, Cole Hamels, was honored for his crippling circle change-up, taking home the Best Change-up Award. But it was on the internet and isn't a physical award, so he at best looked at it while inside of his home. Maybe he printed it out, put it next to his World Series MVP trophy. 

He beat out Johnny Cueto and Stephen Strasburg for the award, sending a message to the rest of the National League: "My team may be awful, my offense unreliable, my colleagues on the rotation hurt or incompetent, and many of my teammates about to be traded, or at least would be if we had a GM who understood fundamental general managing concepts, but at the very least, what was the question again?

Other Phillies noted for their achievements were Chase Utley, placing third in the Best Defensive Second Baseman category and Ben Revere for Fastest Baserunner.