August 27: Those Whining Phillies

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Is it just me, or is there a lot of crying coming out of the Phillies' locker room these days?

First, it was Ryan Howard, who bemoaned the fact fans felt the $25 million a year ex-slugger was overpaid and seemed checked-out. He suggested fans might want to walk in his shoes first before passing judgement, to which every single fan in Philadelphia replied, "$500,000 a week? Yes please!"

Next it was Domonic Brown and David Buchanan blaming their lack of playing time for their below-average play. Last time I checked, Brown has started pretty much the entire year, and is batting a pawltry .229 and slugging just .336. Maybe the start of the NFL season and the return of Tony Romo will lift Brown's spirits.

Even Cole Hamels has gotten on board the whine train. Hamels was noticable ticked when he was yanked after throwing just 84 pitches in the Phillies 4-3 win over the Nationals. According to Jim Salisbury over at, after the game Hamels confirmed with some textbook passive aggressiveness that he was upset with the decision.

"Um, I just think it was a good game and we were able to win," Hamels said, dodging a question about why he was visibly upset as he left the game.

Call me crazy, but wasn't Charlie Manuel the one who was supposedly running too loose a ship, and Ryne Sandberg who was going to come in and tighten up the ride? I don't recall these types of outbursts and open criticisms was Manuel was running the show. All I remember is a under-performing team that needed to go in a new direction.

We're still waiting on that last part, which is really something to whine about.