Phillies Now Archive: July, 2013

Amaro again makes deadline deal

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Never quiet at trade deadline time under the regime of Ruben Amaro Jr., the slumbering Phillies awoke the baseball world late Friday night... Read more

Jim Leyland: Marlins wouldn't have won in '97 without Darren Daulton

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Tigers manager Jim Leyland was on the Dan LeBatard Show yesterday, and since the show is based out of Miami, it comes as no surprise that one... Read more

Here's a breakdown of what a Chase Utley contract extension would look like

Comment icon 0 Comments's Jim Salisbury has an interesting piece this morning that lays out a compelling case that the Phillies are preparing to give... Read more

A-Rod's quad injury is no longer an injury

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Bracing for impact from MLB's vengeance, Alex Rodriguez is safely stowed away on the DL, trying to recover from a quad injury in rehab games... Read more

Ervin Santana is target of trade talk, cruise missile

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The trade deadline better get here soon before somebody gets exploded. Read more

Phillies recall Michael Martinez

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ST. LOUIS — The Phillies' solution to having three catchers and four outfielders was to recall light-hitting utility infielder Michael... Read more

Phillies have to sell the right parts

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Well, it's been about an hour, and you know what that means. It's time for another "Should the Phillies buy or sell" article. This one is... Read more

Dodgers leap from Puig's shoulders to Hanley's

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As stated previously, Yasiel Puig burst onto the baseball scene like a Sharknado; an image, like the film, too good to not reiterate. And... Read more

Quick Update on Ryan Howard's Splits

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One of the commentors on yesterday's Ryan Howard item wanted to know how his RBI broke down over the five 1,000-PA periods of his career. Those... Read more

Nationals follow Phillies' example again, fire hitting coach

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The Nationals have a history of simultaneously loathing and following the Phillies. Washington has scooped up a brevy of former Phils in hopes... Read more