Flying Shy of .500

Peter Laviolette during a time-out against the Panthers during the first period at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Thursday, February 21, 2013. (Steven M. Falk/Staff Photographer)

Thursday night — for the fifth time this short season — the Flyers had a chance to reach the .500 mark, and once again (0-5) failed miserably trying to do so. But at least they have been consistent, allowing exactly five goals in each of those games. They are being outscored 25-10 in those contests.

Thursday's game against the Panthers was the first of those five games that was at home and the first of those five against a team also under .500. It was also the first of those five games in which the Flyers never led.

 Jan. 20  0-1-0  at Sabres  0-0-0  2-1  L 2-5
 Jan. 27    2-3-0  at Lightning  3-1-0  1-0  L 1-5
 Feb. 11  5-6-1  at Maple Leafs    7-5-0  1-0  L 2-5
 Feb. 15  6-7-1  at Devils  8-2-3  2-1, 3-1   L 3-5
 Feb. 21  8-9-1  Panthers  4-7-4  —  L 2-5