Boston Bruins' Tyler Seguin tweets homophobic slur

On the eve of Tuesday's game in Philadelphia, Boston Bruins right winger Tyler Seguin got himself in some hot water after he posted a homophobic remark on Twitter.

Seguin was recently featured in a music video by rapper Slaine, and had this to say after watching the video:

Just listened to the song in my bed. Gave me goosebumps no homo. My roommate and boy have some skills @freddybender @KnucklesNBS.

Considering that the NHL recently became the first major U.S. sports league to partner with the LGBT rights organization You Can Play, it wasn't surprising that Seguin's tweet quickly drew a lot of negative attention.

You Can Play founder Patrick Burke saw it right away. This was his immediate reaction:

As you can see from the rest of Burke's feed, he had a lot more to say on the matter.

To Seguin's credit, he quickly realized that he had done something really stupid. Within 15 minutes of writing the offensive tweet, the post was gone (which, obviously, is why it isn't embedded here). Seguin apologized last night and again today:

Burke, who is based in Boston, accepted Seguin's apology:

Burke has also set up a meeting with Seguin to reconcile things further.