You all just didn't understand the context of Jerry Jones' pictures with strippers

C'mon, guys. As usual, you're embarrassing yourselves.

Yes, that's Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in those pictures, in some very clear compromising positions, in a bathroom, with some strippers. Everybody was a consenting adult; some consenting a little harder than others.


And sure, the photos were released as part of a clearly failing blackmailing scheme by a man named Frank Hoover and were included in a 20-page manifesto in which he explains that he is the "Son of God," fine.

But as USUAL, photos don't tell the whole story. Just the part of it that is photographic evidence.

From the Dallas Morning News:

"Someone has misrepresented photos taken at a restaurant five years ago for their own purposes. I'm just not going to comment on it.''

Jones confirmed that the photos were taken in a Dallas restaurant. He was then asked what was misrepresented in the photos.

"Again, that's all I'll like to get into," Jones said.

Jones, faking a cold later in the interview, knows he doesn't actually have to answer to anyone about this, and in all honesty, this first round of photos was likely the mere primer to the next set of images that are gonna be REAL gross.