What they're saying about Eagles-Redskins, with visuals

In the wake of the Eagles' impressive performance over the Redskins Monday night, national and local football writers are giving the Eagles their due. Here's what they're saying...

Jerry Jones: Philadelphia Eagles offense ‘did look faster than I thought it would’ - Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News

The Eagles ran 30 plays in the first quarter and 53 in the first half, entering the third quarter with a 26-7 lead over the Washington Redskins, the defending NFC East champs.

But that offensive style is something that will probably get figured out by NFL defensive coordinators, right?

Well, Jones said he doesn’t necessarily think that’s the case.

“It’s always been a challenge for our team, so some combination of that is pretty sound relative to getting plays off and keeping the defense a little disjointed,” Jones told the New School show Tuesday morning on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]. “I think it’s also sound, too. I think it’s a good, crisp way to run a football team. I don’t know that that’s a fad. I think that stepped-up play is one that may have a place.

“You still go back to: Does it in any way create more hits for that quarterback? And I didn’t see that, really, as much as I might have thought that was coupled with the stepped-up play. They could be a real formidable team for us this year.”

Chip Kelly's insane and predictable formation - Mark Saltveit, BGN

The Eagles ran a formation with only three linemen in front of the quarterback and the tackles split wide along with two receivers on each sideline. The backfield consisted of Michael Vick, in shotgun of course, and LeSean McCoy.

The crazy thing? They ran it up the middle. Even crazier? Shady gained ten yards.

Detailed game review: Defense vs Washington - Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

KENDRICKS - Good game. All over the place. Made things happen. Recovered fumble on opening play. Cole knocked it loose and it came right to Mychal. Helped get TFL on next series. Barwin did a good job of setting the edge. That gave MK a good angle to the runner and he flew over to help knock the guy out of bounds. Did a great job on the play of staying square to the LOS. Did a good job on a screen pas in the mid-1st Qtr. Read the play, moved through traffic and made a good wrap-up tackle. Exploded up the middle on a blitz at the end of the half and literally slammed RG3 to the ground. Clean, but hard hit. Shed block of FB and tackled Morris on 3rd Qtr run. Got a big hit on RG3 late in the 3rd Qtr and forced an errant pass. Credited with 10 total tackles, TFL, FR and a couple of QB hits.

Jimmy note: Here's the Kendricks slam Tommy is talking about:

And as long as we're showing gifs, this one is great too:

Vinny Curry's agent open to a trade - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7

“Vinny’s main objective is to play and play at a high level,” agent Kevin Connor told Birds 24/7.“The question becomes, can that happen in Philly or do we need to facilitate an opportunity outside of Philly if it makes sense for all parties.” 

Jimmy note: It's definitely a bummer for Curry that he can't get on the field, but he's not going to be traded anytime soon, in my opinion. Curry is a good player, but one week into a season, any compensation you're going to get in return will be minimal. It just doesn't make much sense for the Eagles at this time. Good job my Tim unearthing Curry's (or at least his agent's) unhappiness.

Chip: Offense still too slow - Les Bowen, Daily News

Kelly said he thought his offense was too slow early, when it ran 30 first-quarter plays. He had to clarify that he wasn't kidding; Kelly said missed passes and delays getting the ball to the officials to set it wasted time.


ESPN the Magazine predicted that the Eagles would lose 41-0 to the Redskins:

Eagles fans undoubtedly gave them grief after they dominated the Skins Monday night, and ESPN the Magazine apologized:




In case you missed it at the Red Zone...

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Redskins game.