Watkins: 'Broken down to bones'

Danny Watkins spoke to the Miami press after being released by the Eagles. (AP Photo/Derek Gee)

Danny Watkins practiced with his new Miami Dolphins teammates today. Time will tell if, as Howie Roseman hoped, being just "Danny Watkins" instead of "first-round draft pick Danny Watkins" will help him be more effective.

Reporters there spoke to him after practice, Watkins' first public words since the Eagles released him on Saturday. His responses hinted at the loss of confidence Roseman said was Watkins' downfall here.

"I got to Philadelphia and it was just a rough go from the get-go," Watkins said, when asked about his toughness. "I felt like it just got broken down to bones and never got built back. It was more of a mental thing. I was very disappointed in myself that it never panned out the way it could. Because I know I can play physical and tough football, but it just never -- I think it was more of a mental aspect than anything."

Watkins, a guard, was asked if he thought this was his last chance. (I would have asked if he loves football as much as he loves firefighting, but hey, I wasn't there.)

"I'm very excited to be here and I know Miami has a (distinguished history). So this is huge for me ... It's the most exciting thing that's happened to me, and I'm going to take full advantage of the opportunity and make the best of it," he said.