Six Eagles draft day trade down scenarios

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly (left) and general manager Howie Roseman. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The Eagles only have 6 draft picks this year, after trading their 5th round pick for Darren Sproles. They have not made fewer than 8 picks in any draft since 2003, and this year's crop of players is considered to be the among the deepest in NFL history. The Eagles would love to get their hands on more picks, and trading down is typically the easiest way to do that.

Below is a copy of the draft value chart. A larger version can be found here. While the draft value chart is certainly not the end-all be-all of determining the value of a draft pick, it is a decent guide that we'll use for the purpose of this exercise. 

Using the draft value chart, here are 6 teams who would make sense for the Eagles to partner with to gain extra picks. Note: Because it's such a deep draft and teams will be less likely to give up picks than in typical drafts, I erred on the side of favoring the other team in most cases.

The Rams have 12 picks in total, so they have the flexibility to make a strong move up the board to 22 from 44, which would give them 3 first round picks in a loaded draft, and they would still have 10 picks overall.

Eagles at 22 = 780 points

Rams at 44 (2nd round, 460 points) + 75 (3rd round, 215 points) + 110 (4th round, 74 points) = 749 points.

Like the Rams, the Jets also have 12 picks in total. The Jets are already picking right in the same neighborhood as the Eagles, so for the Jets to move up to 22 from 49, they would really have to find extreme value in two different players in the same area of the first round, which seems unlikely. Still, since they have 12 picks, anything is possible.

Eagles at 22 = 780

Jets at 49 (2nd round, 410 points) + 80 (3rd round, 180 points) + 104 (4th round, 86 points) + 115 (4th round, 64 points) = 740 points

The 49ers traded up in the first round from 31 to 18 last year, and gave up a 3rd round pick to do so. If they wanted to trade up again this year with the Eagles, the compensation would be similar. The 49ers have 11 picks and are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. One of the things missing in the 49ers' offense is a WR who can stretch the field. That could be Brandin Cooks, who will likely not be on the board at 30, but could be there at 22.

Eagles at 22 = 780

49ers at 30 (1st round, 620 points) + 94 (3rd round, 124 points) = 744 points

The Browns have 10 picks in this draft, including 5 of the first 83 picks overall. If they really liked a player at 22 they didn't think would make it to 26, they could make a modest move up and still keep all 5 of their top 83 picks. With 10 total picks and 7 in the first 4 rounds, the Browns have the ammo to get whoever they have targeted.

Eagles at 22 = 780

Browns at 26 (1st round, 700 points) + 106 (4th round, 82 points) = 782 points

Like the Browns above, if the Bengals really liked a player at 22 they don't think will fall to 24, they could make a modest move up to secure their guy, and still have 8 total picks.

Eagles at 22 = 780

Bengals 24 (1st round, 740 points) + 123 (4th round, 49 points) = 789 points

The Falcons have proven in the past that they'll be aggressive and move up for players in the 1st round. The Falcons moved up from 30 to 22 last year, and gave up a boatload of picks to move up to 6 to draft Julio Jones in 2011. If the Falcons are under the delusion that they're just a player or two away from winning the Super Bowl, they could decide to try to move up again.

Eagles at 22 = 780

Falcons at 37 (2nd round, 530 points) + 68 (3rd round, 250 points) = 780

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