Carson Wentz getting to know new Eagle Jeffery; QB says mechanics work was minor

Eagles QB Carson Wentz speaks Monday, April 17, 2017.

Carson Wentz said the Eagles offseason additions have created “a lot of buzz, a lot of excitement in that locker room,” with the team beginning the first off-the-field segment of its spring work Monday at the NovaCare Complex.

Wentz said he’d had dinner with receiver Alshon Jeffery, the main offensive free-agency addition, and found Jeffery to be “a quiet guy.” He said they discussed what Jeffery can bring to the offseason, and he has watched some of Jeffery’s tape, but they have not been able to throw yet.

The Eagles' second-year quarterback downplayed the offseason work he did on mechanics with biometrics coach Adam Dedeaux.

“I thought it was beneficial. I don’t think it was anything real specific, but just overall, to help me fine-tune some things and just keep working at some things and making myself more efficient," said Wentz, the second overall selection in last year's draft. "I thought it was a productive visit down there.”

Wentz said the work was on “simple things, things the naked eye probably wouldn’t notice.  A lot of it had to do with footwork and stuff. But again, it was nothing real massive, just trying to make everything more efficient and smoother.”

Wentz said when he reviewed his 2016 game tape with mechanics in mind, “there were things here and there at times, but nothing really that was kind of big and evident, that stuck out. I think it was just little things here and there … footwork and stuff and just being confident with the timing of routes and concepts and everything, but nothing really jumped out at me at all.”

Asked about reports that he was dealing with elbow fatigue issues by the end of the season, Wentz issued a nondenial denial.

“The elbow never was (a problem). The usual, general soreness that happens, but nothing of concern ever came up. Arm felt great all season,” he said.

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