Nolan Carroll: 'Big difference' between pace of practice in Philly compared to Miami

Nolan Carroll. (Lynne Sladky/AP file)

In 2012, the Miami Dolphins were on HBO's 'Hard Knocks' and one of the storylines for that season of the show was the Dolphins' fast-paced practices under new head coach Joe Philbin. The Dolphins ran such an up-tempo practice that CB Vontae Davis couldn't keep up, and HBO's camera crew caught him saying that he was tired, via CBS Miami.

It turns out the reason behind Davis’ demotion was that he wasn’t in good enough condition when he arrived at camp and has struggled to keep up with the intensity and pace of practice under Philbin and Coyle. The cameras from Hard Knocks captured an exchange between Davis and safety Reshad Jones.

“I am tired,” Davis said during a practice, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.”Hey, (Reshad) Jones, I ain’t gonna lie. I’m tired right now. I ain’t gonna let coach know. I’m going to do my best to – what do you call it? – I’m gonna act. Act like I’m good. I’m gonna do my best acting thing as possible. I’m gonna take acting lessons right now. I’m gonna act like I’m not tired.”

In March, the Eagles signed CB Nolan Carroll in free agency away from the Dolphins. Carroll has now experienced practices both under Philbin, and with the Eagles under Chip Kelly. When I began to ask him if the practices in Miami were similar to the practices in Philly, Carroll cut me off.


"Here, the next play is happening right now," said Carroll. "In Miami, there were two groups, so one would go, and then the next team would go on the opposite field, so we had a little break. We at least had a 10 second break. Here the next play is happening right now. So if it's a deep route, you have to run back and get lined up and get set, right now, right away."

So was it a big difference? "Yeah, I'd say it was a big difference."

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