Michael Vick ready to test free agency

NEW YORK – Michael Vick had been asked so many times about his plans for next season that when a Philadelphia reporter asked again Thursday afternoon he faked an exit right.

The Eagles quarterback returned, although not many expect him to be back in Philly next season.

“I’m just waiting it out and going to see what’s out there come free agency,” Vick said after one of many interviews at Super Bowl XLVIII’s radio row.

Chip Kelly said after a 10-6 season that Nick Foles was his starting quarterback moving forward, so with Vick confirming again on Thursday that he wants an opportunity to start somewhere next season, the only way he would return to the Eagles is as a backup.

Even if the Eagles were to offer a contract before free agency starts on March 11 – Vick said he had received no indications as of yet – he said he was committed to seeing what other options were out there.

“I want to see what’s out there for me. It’s only right,” Vick said. “This is the first time and probably the only time I’ll ever have to do it in my career. So I just want to take advantage of it. I’m excited about it. It’s new and it’s kind of refreshing.”

So what else is out there? Vick said he didn’t know if teams extended any feelers yet. He said he has a meeting set with his agent, Joel Segal, on Friday. The New York Jets, Jaguars, Titans and Browns are among several teams in need of a starting quarterback.

But there are a few other starting-caliber quarterbacks in free agency and some of those teams may also draft a quarterback high in May’s draft. Vick may have to accept a contract with a team that can only guarantee a competition to start.

If there aren’t any offers he finds appealing, there’s always the chance he could return to the Eagles. Matt Barkley’s readiness to backup Foles is still in question. Vick has said he likes Kelly and his offense and as he surely knows, he would be only one injury away from getting back in the lineup.

Nevertheless, the 33-year-old Vick said he wants to play. This is actually his second time as a free agent. Upon his release from prison in 2009, the Eagles were only one of three teams (the Raiders and Bills were the others) to extend offers.

“I just want to have a good 2014, 2015, 2016,” Vick said. “I want to be an asset to somebody’s team.”

Vick was just one of several Eagles that were making the rounds on radio row. Foles was briefly at the Sheraton Hotel earlier in the day before leaving to appear at other events. Vick and Foles were scheduled to attend the Madden Bowl party on Thursday night.

“He texted me this morning to see where I was at,” Vick said of Foles. “So we’ll probably get together later tonight.”

Running back LeSean McCoy also made an appearance, as did linebacker Connor Barwin and cornerback Brandon Boykin. Barwin said that he was taking an introductory Spanish course at Temple this offseason.

Vick said he wasn’t going to stick around and attend the game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

“No, I’m going home to watch it,” Vick said. “Gonna order some fat free wings.”

Kelly would be proud.