The very 'best' of Mark Sanchez

Quarterback Mark Sanchez. (Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

Dreamily handsome, infamously inaccurate, former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is leaving behind a past of being despised in one city for the chance to be slightly less despised in another. 

The Eagles are reportedly bringing in Sanchez to insulate Nick Foles from Matt Barkley, and Sanchez is bringing with him a few years worth of baggage.

The Butt Fumble

You probably know it by heart by now.

Rex Ryan's Tattoo of his Wife Wearing a Mark Sanchez Jersey

What an honor, to be seared into Rex Ryan's arm-flesh.

Mark Sanchez's Brief Career as a Receiver Went Terribly

At least he didn't have to touch the ball.

This Happened Once

Sometimes Mark Sanchez's bad mojo gets so much momentum you don't even realize what's happening until you're standing on the sidelines, wipinig boogers on your teammates.

Also, Mark Sanchez Picks his Nose and Wipes it on his Teammates


Look, Everybody Fumbles Sometimes

But Sanchez has a way of making it look even worse.

The Time a Reporter Called him 'Tim' by Accident

Sanchez was already the unexciting choice in a starting position battle with Tim Tebow. The press who got stuck interviewing him instead of Tebow wanted so badly for him to be the trendier of the two that they let their desries slip out.


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