Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Redskins game

Eagles cornerback Cary Williams. (Clem Murray/Staff Photographer)

I would like to introduce our new post-game feature... 10 Awards!

The Bold Prediction Award: Jason Peters. After the game Peters said, "By week 10, [LeSean McCoy] will be at 1000 [yards]."

The Motorboatin' Sonofabitch Award: Chip Kelly, you motorboatin' sonofabitch, you.

The Loser Award: The Washington Redskins. Because they lost. Which makes them losers. Oh, and they have to play in Green Bay on a short week next Sunday, with the Packers coming off a loss of their own. Yikes.

Who is the team to beat in the NFC East?

  • 1531 (14.8%)
  • 1173 (11.4%)
  • 946 (9.2%)
  • 6671 (64.6%)
  • 10321

The Doublemint Twin Award: Mychal Kendricks. It seemed like there was two of him out there tonight.

The Sconce Award for Achievement in Excellence: Cary Williams. Sack, INT, and a HUGE pass breakup on 4th down late in the game.

The Unorthodox Eating Award: Jon Dorenbos. I bothered Dorenbos while he was eating his dinner, and while I was asking him questions, he was buttering a roll, on the outside, without cutting it in half first. Dorenbos explained the rationale behind that. "I know it's an aggressive move right now," said Dorenbos, "but I'm just going all in, man. These [plastic] knives, they'll break on you, so I'm just going balls deep."

And no, I didn't make that up.

The Missing in Action Award: Vinny Curry. It's still a head scratcher to me that he was inactive, but it's hard to argue with results. The Eagles were outstanding on special teams, and Billy Davis explained that special teams were part of the reason Curry did not dress.

The "Win Math" Award: Billy Davis. "If you win on the road in the division, that's like a win and a half," explained Davis. In that case, the Eagles are the sole leaders in the NFC East.

No word on whether losing at home in the division is like a loss and a half, but I'll just give the Skins one loss until we get further clarification.

The "Ew Moment" Award: Patrick Chung. The Redskins scored on a play in which Chung could have (and probably should have) had an easy INT. But he misjudged the throw, and instead gave up a TD. "Patrick just needed to be deeper and catch that, and he knows that," said Billy Davis. "That was a 3-deep zone and they got behind it. That shouldn't happen." 

The MVP of the Universe Award: Donnie Jones. Last season, the Eagles had one punt in which the opposing team had to start inside the 10 yard line. One freaking punt. Against the Redskins, he had one punt that was fair caught at the 5, which later turned into a safety when RG3 and Alfred Morris fumbled a pitch. Then later he hit a directional punt out of bounds at the 6. Oh, and he hit a 61 yard bomb.

And his holding on FGs and PATs was sublime.