Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Giants game

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Bradley Fletcher (24) defends New York Giants' Rueben Randle (82) during the first half. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

The "Billy Davis Win Math" Award: Billy Davis

After the Eagles' Week 1 win in Washington, Billy Davis said that a road win in a division game is like a win and a half. When asked if the Eagles are now 3-3, now that they have road wins over the Giants and the Washington team, Davis smiled and said, "That's the way I'm looking at it."

But in all seriousness, divisional wins are obviously huge, and the Eagles have two road wins in the division under their belt. Their three losses are to AFC teams. While you don't want to lose any games, if you were going to pick the games they had to lose, you would absolutely hand pick the three they've lost so far.

The "2013 Giants and 2000 Ravens Defenses Have Something in Common" Award: The, um, 2013 Giants and 2000 Ravens

When Alex Henery kicked a FG at the end of the first half, the Giants had given up 165 points through 18 quarters this season. The 2000 Ravens also gave up 165 points, but they did it over 16 games.

The "Why Y'all Throwin' At Me, Son?" Award: Bradley Fletcher

The Giants threw at Fletcher all day. He won some. He lost some. Fletcher said that he had 5 pass breakups, and noted, "It's the most plays I've made on the ball [this year]."

The "Let's Openly Mock Victor Cruz" Award: Dwayne Bowe and DeSean Jackson

For the second straight week, an opposing receiver has mocked Victor Cruz's salsa dance. Last week it was the Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe. This week, it was DeSean Jackson (via SBNation):

The "Come On, Just Tell Me Who the Freaking Emergency QB is" Award: Jason Avant

Last year, Jason Avant was the Eagles' emergency QB. When Michael Vick went down, is was quickly noted by many that Matt Barkley was inactive today. If Nick Foles also went down, the Eagles would be down to no QBs. While it was later revealed by Chip Kelly that if Foles got hurt Vick could have gone back in, it still raised the question as to who the Eagles' emergency QB would be if if they needed him.

I did some digging, but wasn't getting many straight answers. I asked Jason Avant, but he would not confirm that he is the emergency QB. I mean... Is there really any strategical advantage to keeping that a secret? Are teams going to prepare for Jason Avant at QB? Throw me a bone, Jason.

I then asked Lane Johnson. Any time you heard Johnson’s name come up during the pre-draft process and somebody talked about him at length, the fact that he played QB in junior college always seemed to come up.

Johnson said that he was not the emergency QB. Here were Johnson's numbers at Kilgore Community College:

It's probably a good thing it's not Lane Johnson. At junior college, he threw an INT every 8.7 passes. Johnson said he didn't know who the emergency QB is.

I would have also asked Isaac Sopoaga, who has a cannon for an arm, and who would be thoroughly entertaining to watch at QB, seeing as he weighs 340 pounds, but he skipped out of the locker room pretty quickly.

I have failed you all as a journalist. Apologies.

The "Throw 'Em Open" Award: Nick Foles

Nick Foles made two stellar throws today, in which he released the football before the receiver made his break. He hit DeSean Jackson on the sideline just before the end of the first half, which led to an Alex Henery FG. Then later he connected with Brent Celek on a corner route in the back of the end zone. Michael Vick is a far more dynamic QB than Nick Foles, but he does not make those kinds of anticipation throws.

The "Let's Clone Brandon Jacobs" Award: The Roslin Institute in Scotland

The Roslin Institute in Scotland cloned a sheep in 1996. If they could clone Brandon Jacobs and insert him onto every other team in the NFL (other than the Eagles) it would help the Eagles' playoff chances immensely. Lets make that happen, Roslin Institute. Thanks in advance.

The "Brandon Boykin is Awesome" Award: Brandon Boykin

Eli Manning targeted Victor Cruz 12 times today. Cruz had 5 catches for 48 yards and no TDs. "Every time he was in the slot, I was covering him," Boykin said. Yes he was.

Cruz was previously averaging 106.3 receiving yards per game.

Oh, and Boykin also downed two punts inside the 5 (although one of them didn't stand because of a penalty).

The "So What? Everybody beats the Giants" Award: Eagles haters and Debbie Downers

When I was about 12 years old, I played on the worst soccer team ever. I was the goalie, and faced like 30 shots per game because the rest of my team was awful. Yeah, that's right. I'm throwing my teammates under the bus. They sucked, and deserve the criticism.

Anyway, it wasn't uncommon for us to lose by crazy scores like 10-0. In fact, if we lost 4-0, that was cause for celebration. Slurpees for everybody! It was during those 4-0 losses that the other team would be talking trash and the parents on the sideline would be amazed at how well their kids were playing. Being the sore loser that I am, I was always quick to tell them that we typically lost by 10, and that their team actually sucked in comparison.

I wonder if the Giants pointed out to the Eagles that they had lost their previous two games by a combined score of 69-7. I know I would have.

The "QB Controversy" Award: Eagles writers!