Get your learn on: A round-up of Eagles film breakdowns

Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly holds up his play chart against the Washington Redskins. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

With the Eagles rolling, we are beginning to learn more about Chip Kelly's offense and Billy Davis' defense. Here is a round-up of the guys who love to communicate the X's and O's of football:

Film review: The maturation of Nick Foles - Derek Sarley, Eagletarian

Washington made it clear from the beginning they thought they could stop the Eagles by jamming the box and forcing Foles to beat them:


That’s just what Nick did. And in the process, he completed his evolution from a two-trick pony into an NFL quarterback:

Jimmy note: This is really like 5 film breakdowns in one, as Derek highlights a variety of things. My personal favorite is where Derek notes the "peel back blocker" in the Eagles' screen game.

Eagle eye in the sky: Redskins Review - Fran Duffy, Eagles Mothership

Another week, and another example of defensive coordinator Bill Davis picking apart opposing protection schemes. This was something that FOX analyst John Lynch brought up on the broadcast on Sunday against Washington, and it’s been true each and every week. As is typically the case, it all starts inside with nose tackle Bennie Logan (who played a very inspiring game on Sunday, for what it’s worth). His presence over center cuts the offensive line in half, as the center will almost undoubtedly look to block the rookie defensive tackle.

Jimmy note: Like Derek's post, Fran's work could actually be 5 different articles. My favorite part is where he shows Connor Barwin's sack of RG3, and how the Eagles look to attack when opposing offenses enter the red zone.

All 22: Breaking down Chip Kelly's screen game - Bleeding Green Nation

One of the somewhat overlooked aspects of Chip Kelly's offense this year has been the explosive nature of the screen game. Yes, everyone has covered the bubble screens a great deal. But what about some of the more traditional, WCO-type screens?

Though the first half of the season, Chip and Pat have installed a pretty potent screen game to combat some of the pressure and man coverage that we are facing. It's been a fun evolution to watch as Chip throws out multiple looks, multiple personnel packages, and multiple packaged options. Let's take somewhat of a chronological look.

Jimmy note: While Derek and Fran touched on the screen game in their posts above, BGN dives a little deeper. 

The packaged triple option: The Chip Wagon

One of the real beauties of this play was that it was potentially set up by Foles' TD run earlier in the game. We burned the Redskins on the inside zone read with Foles on the keeper and you have to believe that was in the heads of the defenders. Must respect NVick. 

Jimmy note: Remember the LeSean McCoy 1-yard TD plunge last week? Maybe you remember that Shady scored, but I'll bet you had no idea how much was actually happening on what seemingly looked like a simple dive play. This is tremendous. 

All 22: What Foles showed against the Redskins - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7

After the game, I asked Jason Kelce if he’s surprised teams are still playing so much man coverage with a single high safety against the Eagles, given the way Foles has done damage through the air.

“No, I’m not because I think if they don’t play some man free, we’re gonna run it all over them,” he said. “I think that’s kind of what they’ve gone to to try and stop the run. Whenever a team’s come out and played us in zone, they’ve done pretty poorly. Really the only successful stuff that’s been on film is man coverage. So I would expect to see that the rest of the year.

“Luckily, Nick’s starting to really beat that. The coaches are having some great schemes for those [teams] that are gonna try and play us man, so we’ve been a lot more successful as of late. But I would expect to see that probably throughout the rest of the season.”

All 22: McCoy carrying the load - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7

(LeSean McCoy) leads the NFL in carries (213), rushing yards (1,009) and total yards from scrimmage (1,408). Among tailbacks, only Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles has played more snaps, per Pro Football Focus.

While the numbers for McCoy are impressive, this has been a challenging year. He had a four-game stretch where he averaged only 3.4 YPC. Kelly challenged him to dance less and hit the hole more. At times, he was not on the same page as the offensive linemen.

But last week against the Redskins, McCoy was not only the best player on the Eagles’ offense, but his effort in doing the little things jumped off the tape.

Game Plan: Tracking Foles' progress - Ike Reese and Mike Quick, Eagles Mothership

Jimmy note: This is a video showing Foles leaving plays on the field earlier in the season that he is now capitalizing on. Nice job my Mike and Ike.

All 22 where you learn nothing: "Shady's flag thievery" - Me, Red Zone

Thinking that Shady is ignoring him, the Redskins fan's guard is now down, and he holds onto his flag loosely. Before he can react, Shady snatches it with his right hand so fast that I can't even get a non-blurry screen shot of it.

Jimmy note: You'll have to skip to the 2nd part of the article to get to the film breakdown of Shady stealing the flag.