Donovan McNabb doesn't think Tony Romo deserves that big contract extension

Philadephia's Donovan McNabb and Dallas' Tony Romo during the NFC team practice session, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Thursday, Jan. 28, 2010, as the team prepares for the Pro Bowl NFL football game that will be played Sunday.(AP Photo/J Pat Carter)

Reactions to Tony Romo's announced six-year contract extension, which comes with $55 million guaranteed and the potential to be worth $108 million in total, have been mixed. It appears some people are confused by what seems like a reward for an underwhelming career.

Why the Cowboys decided that one playoff win - he beat McNabb and the Eagles in 2010 - was enough to make the 32-year-old quarterback the highest-paid Dallas Cowboy in history is beyond most people's understanding, but former Eagles quarterback and NFL analyst Donovan McNabb was ready to share his thoughts almost immediately.

A bit too immediately, it seems; because McNabb didn't quite have that right. But Hugh Douglas still agreed.

It's a curious deal; one that, by continuing a trend of players not perceived as 'elite' receiving elite amounts of money, quite easily conjures the final scene from Trading Places.