Exactly how fast was the Eagles' hurry-up in the first preseason game vs the Pats?

Chip Kelly walks across the field at a joint workout with the New England Patriots during NFL football training camp in Philadelphia, Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013. (Matt Rourke/AP)

In the 2nd quarter of last night's preseason game against the Patriots, Chip Kelly tested out his hurry-up offense for the first time. It was during Nick Foles' second series, when the Eagles moved down the field and scored on a Bryce Brown TD run. There was a three-play stretch during that drive where the hurry-up really showed some life. Here's quick time breakdown of those three plays.

Play 1

The previous play is a 12 yard gain to Avant. Clock is at 12:44, and the Eagles are in hurry-up mode:

They get legally set 14 seconds later, and have to wait for the umpire to clear out of the way:

They snap the ball 2 seconds after they're set:



Bryce Brown gains 11 on a pass play, and the Eagles stay in hurry-up mode. The clock is at 12:20:

The Eagles are legally set 15 seconds later:

And the snap is out in 3 seconds:


Play 3

Nick Foles has just shown off his lightning fast speed, and he slides down for a first down with 11:56 on the clock:

The Eagles get set in 13 seconds:

And they snap it in 2:

There are a small handful of teams (the Patriots, for example), who can move faster than this. However, for a new head coach to come in and install a new offense, while being able to operate at this speed in the 4th drive of the 1st preseason game... and move the ball effectively while doing so... That's pretty impressive.

This offense is going to be fun to watch this year.

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