Eagles training camp 2013: Day 3 recap

Eagles wide receiver Russell Shepard. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

It was another slow day at practice at the NovaCare Complex today, with just the rookies and select vets participating. Some notes from the day:

• The Eagles have a few new WR drills this year. Here's video of a drill in which the football is attached to one end of a rope, with a thing that looks like a "Shake Weight" attached to the other. An assistant coach tries to yank the ball away after the receiver makes the catch. Here's another video of a WR drill in which one receiver tries to catch passes from the jugs machine while another receiver messes with him. 

• The player in each of the above videos is UDFA Russell Shepard. He caught extra passes from the jugs machine for 15 minutes or so every day after OTAs and minicamp. That has not changed now that we're in training camp:

• Rookie defensive lineman Bennie Logan was a Giants fan growing up. He said he modeled his game after Justin Tuck. That's an interesting player for Logan to want to emulate. Tuck made a career of being able to play multiple positions along the defensive line, and the Eagles will likely ask Logan to do the same.

• TE Will Shaw had a few nice catches today. He had a 1-handed stab on one play, and made a diving catch on another. After practice, he talked with a few reporters and said a line that I liked. "I don't want to count my plays," said Shaw. "I want to make my plays count."

• Zach Ertz had at least two drops today.

• Ifeanyi Momah made a catch on a highly thrown ball down the sideline. He leaped and got his hands on the ball at its highest point, but the ball bounced in the air and Momah was able to haul it in on the bobble as he went to the ground. It was good concentration by Momah, but it would have been preferable for him to just snatch it out of the air without double-catching it.

• Matt Barkley threw a "possibly gorgeous" ball down the sideline to James Casey. By "possibly gorgeous," I mean that I'm not 100% sure he meant to do what he did. He threw it to Casey's back shoulder 30-40 yards down the field, and the DB had little chance to defend it. If the back shoulder throw was intentional, it was a beauty.

• There will be no practice tomorrow, but there should be plenty of Eagles coverage. The assistant coaches will talk to reporters in the morning, and the rest of the players report to camp in the afternoon.

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