Eagles rack up $17,747.86 tab at Del Frisco's

Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson and running back LeSean McCoy. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

The Eagles did some eating (and drinking) at Del Frisco's last night. In fact, they racked up $17,747.86 bill. Second year right tackle Lane Johnson tweeted out the check.

Here is the final itemized bill, so you don't have to strain your eyes. Also, according to the bill, there were 15 people at dinner, so someone skipped out on the $225/oz. Remy Martin...

Qty. Item Cost
14  Remy Martin Louis XIII, 1 oz $3,150
Crown Royal $12
Crown Royal, Black $15
27  Voss still water $187.55
 1  Hess Cabernet $25
Harlan Estate Cabernet, 2006 $2,990
Seafood Plateau for 4 $303
Seafood Plateau for 2 $78.50
Calamari Shanghai $67.50
Cheesesteak Dumplings $49.50
Tuna Tartare $34
Steak Tartare $32
Shafer Cabernet Hillside Select, 2009 $2,650
Strip, 16 oz $47
Strip, 26 oz Double Eagle $67
Ribeye, 32 oz Long Bone $445
Porterhouse, 24 oz $58
Filet, 8 oz $79
Carmelized Onions $3
Sauteed Muchrooms $3
Ribeye, 16 oz $47
Filet, 16 oz, Bone In $66
Mushrooms Sauteed $10
Spinach Supreme $12
Potato Chateau $11
Potato Au Gratin $25
Mac and Cheese w/Lobster $37
Vegetable #1 $22
Asparagus $25
Creamed Corn $10
Onion Rings $21
King Crab Gnocchi $35
Yards Brawler Ale $18
Bud Light $22
Gingerale $20
Coca Cola $28
Coors Light $11
Maker's Mark $52
Remy Martin XIII 2 oz $1,375
Chocolate Souffle Cake $50
Cheesecake $22
Screaming Eagle Cabernet, 2005 $3,495
Banana Bread Pudding $10
Sub Total   $15,740.15
Auto Gratuity $472.20
Tax   $1,535.51
Total   $17,747.86

Multiple news outlets (herehere and here, for example) are chalking the dinner up to rookie hazing without bothering to get any context. According to someone in attendance, Johnson picked up at least a portion of the check. Johnson is not a rookie, and frankly, "rookie dinner" can mean anything. For all anyone knows, it could have been the vets treating the rookies to dinner, and not the other way around. But why bother trying to get details?

Also... Who downed five ginger ales?

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