Eagles notes: Lots of big WRs visiting the Eagles, and DeSean Jackson's hatred of science

It's smokescreen season in the NFL, as teams are bringing in potential draftees to their facilities. We'll try to make some sense of the Eagles' visits here in 'Eagles notes.'

Lotsa big WRs visiting the Eagles

Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz does a really good job of aggregating players who have visited with the Eagles. Tommy does a great job with his coverage of the Eagles just in general, but especially this time of year, as he has a lot of knowledge about college prospects. If you're on Twitter, he's definitely worth following

Tommy has noted that the Eagles are seemingly checking out every big WR in this draft.

Mike Evans (6'5, 231) of Texas A&M came to Philly for a visit.

Kelvin Benjamin (6'5, 240) of Florida State came to Philly for a visit.

Jordan Matthews (6'3, 212) of Vanderbilt worked out in front of Chip Kelly at his Pro Day.

Allen Robinson (6'3, 220) of Penn State worked out in front of Chip Kelly at his Pro Day.

Donte Moncrief (6'2, 221) of Ole Miss worked out in front of WR coach Bob Bicknell at his Pro Day. 

Cody Latimer (6'2, 215) of Indiana came to Philly for a visit.

Brandon Coleman (6'6, 225) of Rutgers worked out for Bicknell.

Is Chip Kelly waaaay into big WRs? Or could he be creating a 'big people' perception to lower the chances that a team trades up ahead of them for the three very talented but smaller WRs who could be available at 22, such as Marqise Lee (6'0, 192), Brandin Cooks (5'10, 189), and Odell Beckham (5'11, 198)? Or could it be a double reverse smokescreen in which they over-do it with the big receivers, making teams think they actually don't value size, when in reality, they actually do want bigger receivers?

Or... maaaaybe... The Eagles, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires, are forcing parents to go to bed early, in a fiendish plot to eliminate the meal of dinner. We're through the looking glass here, people.

Oh wait, Marqise Lee is scheduled to visit Philly too, and he's a hair under 6'0. It's also a fairly good bet Kelly will check out Odell Beckham (5'11) and Jarvis Landry (5'11  1/2) at LSU's Pro Day. Crap. Back to the drawing board.


DeSean missed exit interview, hated science

This been out there for a little while now via Twitter, but it has been reported that DeSean Jackson skipped his exit interview with the team after the season was over. Joseph Santoliquito of CBS Philly wrote about that in a little more detail today, noting that Jackson was "possibly the only Eagle to do so, according to several sources." Santoliquito also reported that Jackson did not buy into Chip Kelly's sports science innovations, although no examples are provided.

Much like we surmised back on March 1, the absence of Michael Vick and Jason Avant were also cited as additional reasons for DeSean's release.

Apparently, Andy Reid was able to get through to Jackson. But when Reid left, and with the death of his father, Bill, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer on May 14, 2009, Jackson in a sense lost two father figures. Then he was asked to deal with something completely different in Kelly, who in rebuilding a 4-12 team had no time to coddle. By then, an argument could be made, Jackson was a wandering soul without any anchors. When Vick and Avant, two Jackson nursemaids, left the Eagles, it appeared a foregone conclusion that Jackson would be gone, too.

Personally, I'm just impressed by the appearance of the word "nursemaids" in the article. You can guarantee we'll be shoehorning "nursemaids" into an article here at the Red Zone soon.


Busting on the rivals

This is great, from ESPN's "Numbers never lie" Twitter account:




Eagles (presumably) inspect Aaron Colvin's knee

Oklahoma CB Aaron Colvin visited the Eagles. In my mock draft 1.0 in February, I had Colvin as an Eagles 5th round pick, with the following explanation: 

In 2012, Brandon Boykin broke his leg at the Senior Bowl and the Eagles were able to draft him in the 4th round, which was an absolute steal. In 2014, they may find themselves in a position to do the same with Aaron Colvin.

At the 2014 Senior Bowl, Colvin tore his ACL. A torn ACL is (typically) far more serious than a broken leg, but if the Eagles really like him and are willing to be patient, they could draft him with the intent of Colvin basically being a rookie in 2015. They've done this in the past, unsuccessfully, with Wisconsin CB Jack Ikegwuonu, who they drafted in the 4th round in 2008.

In terms of his fit in Philly, the Eagles need depth at CB. Colvin won't help with depth in the short term, but he could be a player who eventually takes over as a starter 2 or 3 years down the road.

The Eagles likely brought Colvin in to monitor how his recovery was coming along. Not only did the Eagles bring him in for a visit, but they paid a lot of attention to him at the Senior Bowl

Colvin was one of the top-rated CB prospects in the country before his injury. One of the most entertaining of Colvin's games to watch was the Sooners' 50-49 win over West Virginia in 2012. In that game, WVU WR Stedman Bailey went off for 13 catches, 205 yards, and 4 TDs. Colvin covered Bailey quite a bit that day, and was responsible for 2 of his TDs. However, he also had an INT, a pass breakup that led to an INT by one of his teammates, and several other pass breakups. He also had 8 tackles. That game is definitely worth a look, as WVU threw Colvin's way repeatedly. Sometimes Colvin won, sometimes he didn't, but you'll see him get a ton of action here (via draftbreakdown.com):

Philly.com has several inquiries into Colvin's nursemaids to see how he's doing. OHHHH! THERE IT IS!

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