Eagles Twitter Q&A

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

We did a Twitter Q&A Saturday afternoon on all things Eagles, so as long as we put in an hour or so of answering questions, we may as well also get a blog post out of it. Here is a sampling of the most common (or best) questions and answers from that Q&A. If you're not a Twitter user, please note that my answers come before the questions.







In case you're unaware, "BPA" means "best player available."















Legal disclaimer: There is no hard evidence that Alex Henery is involved in gang-related activities.





Note: Upon re-reading the above Ertz projection, he'd be going for 15 yards per catch, which isn't out of the question, but definitely unlikely. So let's amend that to 50-700-8. We'll shave a yard per catch off his total. 14 would still be a very high YPC for a TE.




































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