Eagles, Phillies on Forbes' most valuable teams list

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie (left) and Phillies president and part-owner David Montgomery. (Getty Images)

Forbes released its annual list of the 50 most valuable sports teams and, for 2014, Philadelphia has two representatives.

Soccer clubs take the top three spots, but after that the list is extremely NFL-heavy, as teams from the National Football League make up 60 percent of the remaning teams.

Philadelphia’s football team, the Eagles, are ranked as the 17th most valuable sports team in the world with a listed value of $1.314 billion.

While the Eagles’ overall value lands them in the top 20, they are interestingly enough the least valuable team in the NFC East. According to Forbes, the Cowboys (fifth), Redskins (ninth) and Giants (10th) are all ranked ahead of the Birds.

The Eagles are not the only team from Philadelphia to make the list. The Phillies also make an appearance as the 39th most valuable sports team in the world.

The Phillies are the first team on the list to have a total value listed under a billion dollars, with their value totaled at $975 million.

Neither the Sixers nor Flyers made the cut. In fact, just four NBA teams were featured while only one NHL organization was listed.