Donovan McNabb offends everyone with opinion on Nick Foles

Donovan McNabb and Nick Foles. (Staff and AP photos)

Donovan McNabb has no problem picking the Eagles to finish first in the NFC East this year, but balks a bit when pressed on the success of quarterback Nick Foles. On Fox Sports One, the former Eagle wondered if Foles could not only stay at the same level, but also meet the very high expectations awaiting him and the rest of Chip Kelly's offense.

"I’m just a little worried if he can do it for a full season. I’m just worried about that aspect, not so much of his health, but can you be consistent like what we saw last year? We’ve seen so many quarterbacks give us one year of greatness, and then all of a sudden they can’t live up to the expectations. I’m not saying he can’t do that in that offense, but I think expectations are a little bit too high for Nick Foles."

The headlines you're going to see on this one are that McNabb told Foles, "Just be ready for the boos." Which he did, and was likely the most personal aspect of his thoughts.

But still,

The anger isn't for any reason other than people love to get mad at Donovan McNabb because they think he threw up at the Super Bowl. He's not saying anything egregiously untrue here. Even the sad, personal part is accurate - McNabb was booed (from literally the first moment he was an Eagle) and should Foles be less than a wavy-haired football god through Week 4, he's going to hear it.

No one should be surprised when Foles throws two picks in the first game. He is vulnerable to falling back to earth. He had a spectacular season which, when combined with the enthusiasm brought on by Chip Kelly, leads to high expectations.

It's exciting. But nobody who suggests that optimism is high enough the Eagles may have trouble reaching it is wrong.