DeMarco Murray does not think he's getting enough touches

LANDOVER, Md. - DeMarco Murray carried the ball only eight times on Sunday, and that's not enough for the NFL's defending rushing champion.

"No, I'm not. I don't think I am," Murray said when asked if he's getting enough touches. "But it's how the plays are being called. I love this offense. I love playing with these guys. It's how it is."

Murray had 10 touches (eight carries, two catches) in Sunday's 23-20 loss to the Washington Redskins. He finished with 36 rushing yards and 12 receiving yards. In three games this season, he averages 13.3 touches. He averaged 28.1 touches last season with the Dallas Cowboys.

Murray signed a five-year, $40 million deal with the Eagles during the offseason. He came to Philadelphia aware that there would be a backfield rotation with Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles. He said he did not have a number of touches per game in mind when he signed with the team.

"I knew what I was coming in here to do," Murray said. "I knew I was going to be the lead guy. I knew Sproles and Mathews, two great guys. I knew this offense - a lot of guys touch the ball. That's how they make a lot of plays. It's about executing plays."

The Eagles totaled only 18 rushes Sunday. Matthews rushed five times for 20 carries, Sproles went four times for 17 yards, and Sam Bradford tucked the ball away once for a 14-yard gain.


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Murray said earlier in the week that running backs like to "lather up," which was his way of saying a rusher can get into a rhythm with multiple carries. He has not been able to do that yet this season. He had no fewer than 19 carries in a game last season, and he's had no more than 13 carries in a game this season.

Murray said he doesn't plan to raise the issue with the coaching staff. He said they just need to watch film and "get better" - and he included himself in that pledge.

"We've got a lot of season left," Murray said. "We just need to find ways to get different guys the ball."

Murray missed the Eagles' Week 3 win with a hamstring injury. He was questionable for Sunday's game, but was able to play. Murray did not start - Mathews and Sproles were on the field for the first play - but he entered the game on the opening drive.

Murray's first carry went for 30 yards, which is a new long this season. He entered the game with only 11 yards on 21 carries.

"I was feeling good, and I thought the line blocked well and the receivers blocked well downfield," Murray said. "I saw a crease and I hit it."

Murray said the offense has enough opportunities, but they need to execute the plays. He said "it's not all bad," but there are plays and drives in which the team "shot ourselves in the foot." Murray did not want to place blame elsewhere for the offensive problems.

"I think every guy has to look in the mirror and take accountability for their actions," Murray said. "I'm the first to do it at all times."