Chip Kelly talks about Nick Foles' toughness

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and quarterback Nick Foles. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Nick Foles' third straight win last Sunday against the Redskins didn't come without some pain. Foles took several big shots, most notably from Redskins LB London Fletcher, who decked Foles for a 9 yard sack in the 2nd quarter:

Impressively, Foles took off and tried to run for a 1st down 2 plays later, despite likely still feeling the effects of that big hit. In the post-game press conference, Chip Kelly was asked how Foles was able to keep getting up. Kelly responded that he has known about Foles' toughness since the two faced each other when Kelly was at Oregon and Foles was a senior at Arizona.

"I mean, we knocked the tar out of him when we played them," said Kelly. "We knocked the snot out of him when we played him. I know you studied a lot of Oregon tape. Watch the tape when he completed a 13‑yard pass against us left‑handed. We chinned him. He was going down. Switches the ball to his left hand and then still throws it for a completion, then gets up and makes another play against us. I've admired him. Love the fact that I get to coach him and don't coach against him. But he is a tough kid."

Foles said he remembered the play. “I know what he is talking about. I remember that. I thought my back was broke after I got up from that. I remember that. I didn’t even know I could throw left handed to tell you the truth. I really never had done it. Actually I had and I was awful at it but I just got lucky. I think you just play and you hope for the best when it came out. I want to stick to throwing right handed.”

Here's the play Kelly was talking about (h/t to reddit/r/eagles):