Chip Kelly: Starters to play 10-15 snaps against the Bears

Eagles coach Chip Kelly said the starters will play somewhere between 10-15 snaps in Friday's preseason opener against the Chicago Bears. That could change based on how the game goes.

"It really depends on offensively or defensively, how much success you have," Kelly said. "If you have a couple three-and-outs, you got to go back out there. If you have two decent drives, we feel like that’s what we’re aiming for right now. It’s a fluid situation."

Kelly said he would not limit the film for running back Darren Sproles, a newcomer who is expected to be used creatively in Kelly's system. Kelly said at this point in Sproles' career, teams have a good idea of what Sproles can do.

**It does not sound like wide receiver Riley Cooper will be able to play on Friday. Cooper has been sidelined most of camp with a foot injury.

Kelly was not sure about Jeremy Maclin, although Maclin insisted he would play.

Cornerback Nolan Carroll is not expected to play Friday. Kelly said Carroll should "be back soon" from a hamstring injury.

**Speaking of Carroll, he was listed as the first-team kick returner on the depth chart. However, Kelly said the depth chart does not mean anything at this point, and it was assembled by the team's public relations staff.

"I wouldn’t put much into depth charts, we got to put one out," Kelly said. "Depth chart, seriously, I don’t care."

He even used last year's line about the depth chart being "written in sand." 

**Expect Alex Henery to get most of the kicking opportunities. Extra points will be attempted from the 15-yard line in the first two preseason games (about a 32-yard attempt). Kelly did not expect teams to try more two-point conversions in result.

"I think in preseason, everyone’s going to kick them, because you want to see what your kicker can do," Kelly said. "Statistics will tell you when you back it up, percentages aren’t as high. I think they were at an all-time high this year in terms of the extra points. I think they should narrow the goal post if they want to make it a little tougher."