Anonymous Eagles offensive lineman discusses LeBron James' cramps

(Eric Gay/AP)

Last night, in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James suffered from cramps, was carried off the court, and had to watch the Spurs go on something like a 30-0 run in the last four minutes to close out the game. James was subsequently mocked by the Internet. 

Even Jonathan Martin, the guy who quit the Miami Dolphins because he was being bullied, got in on the criticism.

One Eagles offensive lineman, speaking on the condition on anonymity (we'll refer to him as "Evan M."), admitted that he too once cramped up during a football game.

"Early during the 2011 season against the Giants, I had to leave the game with cramps late in the 4th quarter. It was a very hot, humid day and I couldn't take in fluids as fast as I was sweating them out. I became very dehydrated. If I extended my leg, my quad would cramp, I would bend my leg to defend the cramp and my hamstring would cramp. It was like this all over my body. There are a few things I've done since then to prevent it from happening again and with Chip's sports science strategies I've learned some more valuable information.

LeBron wasn't ready for the AC to not work. If he was, he may have been able to take some steps to avoid cramping. People can knock LeBron all they want, but cramping can easily get severe enough to sideline the greatest of athletes. If it happened earlier in the game, he would have gotten an IV and returned with no problem.   

F*** cramps."

Growth of NFL players over time

A guy by the name of Noah Veltman (sounds like a Ghostbuster) created a time-lapse map of how NFL players have grown from 1920 to 2014.

Chip Kelly recently said he'd prefer a 6'11, 400 pound OLB. Assuming the world doesn't end due to overpopulation, climate change, an asteroid that Bruce Willis can't stop, or killer nanorobots, we'll likely eventually see that 6'11, 400 pound OLB.

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