Aaron Hernandez jerseys more popular than ever

The Patriots are allowing fans to trade in their Aaron Hernandez jerseys for a Patriots player of their choosing, but they may want to hang onto them for a bit longer.

People who just didn't feel right about owning an Aaron Hernandez jersey anymore seem to feel pretty okay about making money off of it.

Aaron Hernandez's story is only getting worse, but the bids for his jersey on eBay are only getting higher. The Boston GlobeCNN, and The New York Post have all reported on fans who went to bed with a jersey listed at $50 and waking up to find their initial prices doubled or tripled. For whatever the reason, the former tight end - currently denied bail while facing murder charges - is an even hotter item than before.

Chances are you'll see six or seven of your "wackiest" friends wearing Aaron Hernandez jerseys for Halloween.