Eagles fans 'Stay or Go' analysis, in MS Paint form

Eagles tight end Zach Ertz, left, and wide receiver Riley Cooper. (Michael Perez/AP)

With the Eagles' season over, Philly.com asked the fans which Eagles should stay and which ones should go. The votes are in (tallied Sunday night), and the results are... Interesting?

The Top 5 "stay percentage" players

Topping the list of the players who should stay would surely be somebody like LeSean McCoy or Nick Foles, right? Wrong! The player with the highest "stay percentage" on the team was...



Ertz had a really good rookie season and all, and it's hard to think of a reason why anyone would click "Go" for him (and others, for that matter)... But the backup TE? A guy who had 469 receiving yards and only played 40.5% of the team's offensive snaps is the player who had the highest "Stay" rating, at 99.5%? Seriously?

Coming in at #2 with a "stay percentage" of 99% was another player who didn't play a large number of snaps. That would be Brandon Boykin, who intercepted 6 passes this season despite playing just 51.6% of the defensive snaps. His snaps per INT led the league among players with at least 5 picks. Boykin's great season was analyzed in greater depth here, but I can probably just as easily sum up his year with this picture:

If you throw at the Boy King, you best not miss.

Coming in at #3 was Connor Barwin, who proved his worth as a versatile OLB. Barwin did a good job playing the run, dropping into coverage, and rushing the passer, playing the "Jack" position, or "jack of all trades." He also tied for the NFL lead in batted passes, according to ProFootballFocus.

Manute Barwin:

Cris Collinsworth's favorite Eagle to gush over used to be Jason Peters. It is now Mychal Kendricks, who finished 4th with a stay percentage of 98.5%.



Jason Peters is not happy about this development.

Also, Rihanna digs him.

And last but not least, rounding out the Top 5... With a stay percentage of 98.5%, the one, the only, #DonnieFootball... (Via ZooWithRoy)...

Normally, I might question why a punter would have a higher stay percentage than the NFL's leading rusher, but would LeSean McCoy jump on a teammate who is trying to recover a fumble to protect him from opposing players trying to hit him? I don't know the answer to that, but Donnie Jones would:

Does LeSean McCoy wear shorts in the winter? Maybe. But I know for sure Donnie Jones does.

Why? because Donnie J'owns. That's why.

The main conclusion I made from the Top 5 is that some Philly fans apparently get bored with awesome players who have been here a while. The total number of seasons the above players have been in Philly, combined...


Onto the Bottom 5...

Casey Matthews (9.8%): People were upset when Matthews made the team this year, although he only played 70 snaps in the regular defense, and didn't do anything egregiously wrong. Matthews will have to battle just to make the team again in 2014.

Alex Henery (9.5%): We detailed Henery as a kicker here about a month ago, and nothing has changed. The Eagles are likely to give Henery legitimate competition next season, so you may get your wish.

Roc Carmichael (7.9%): When Carmichael kicked the ball into the end zone wasting a great punt by Donnie Jones and even better play by Brandon Boykin against the Saints, he sealed his fate with the fan base.

"Easy, Roc. The ball is just sitting there. Throttle down."

"You know what? Brandon has it under control. Let him take care of it."


Curtis Marsh (4.6%): Let's just say Curtis didn't pan out as a 3rd round pick.

Patrick Chung (2.4%): Who were the 2.4% who voted "Stay?"


• Soooooo... DeSean Jackson was 37th with a stay percentage of 57.8%. Meanwhile, Riley Cooper was 16th, with 93.7%. Their numbers this season:

So apparently, telling the media that you'd prefer that your salary be guaranteed is worse (a lot worse) than going on a drunken tirade in which you repeatedly yell racial slurs.

I mean... DeSean Jackson is behind Allen Barbre, Dennis Kelly, and Jason Avant. Are you people insane?

• 23 players had a worse stay percentage than Swoop.

• Who are the 3.7% of the people that voted "Go" for Chip Kelly? Or was that just Phil Simms and Keyshawn Johnson voting over and over again?

Or was it Joe Banner?

Here's where everyone finished:

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