Eagles training camp 2013: What they're saying: The Eagles make a trade, and more

Curtis Marsh, left, hits Jason Avant after he catches a pass during training camp. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The Eagles traded RB Felix Jones to the Steelers for OLB Adrian Robinson this morning. There's really no kind way to say this, but Felix Jones was awful in training camp. He couldn't run, catch, block, or contribute on special teams. It's a little surprising the Eagles were able to get anything for him. Here's what they're saying this morning...

The Eagles' new school triple option - Sheil  Kapadia, Birds 24/7

Take a look at this play from the Eagles’ first drive last week. It looks like a normal zone read. The Eagles leave the right defensive end unblocked. If he stays at home, Nick Foles hands the ball off. If the DE crashes inside, Foles takes off and runs.

But as you can see, there’s a little more to it. On the back side, the Eagles have a bubble screen set up to Jason Avant. Foles has two decisions to make on this play. First, he has to choose whether to hand the ball off or keep it. On this particular play, the DE crashes, so Foles keeps it.

Decision two comes after he takes off. Foles can go ahead and run. But he can also sling it to Avant if the slot corner comes up to tackle him.

Jimmy note: Tremendous job by Sheil, as always.

Brandon Graham and understanding the preseason - Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

A guy looking great in the preseason is like a baseball player being a star in AAA ball. It doesn’t guarantee he’ll be able to have that same success when facing the best of the best in a real game.

Right now Brandon Graham is the backup SAM. Some people watching the preseason games want to know why he’s just a backup. Graham has spent a lot of time in the backfield. He’s been disruptive. He’s been impressive.

The coaches are more mixed on Graham. He’s a LB now and not a DE. There are times when he still plays like a DE. Old instincts die hard. He played with more discipline against the Panthers, but he’s still a work in progress. Jim Washburn had Graham flying off the edge and focused only on the QB. “Play the run on the way to the QB” was the saying. Now Graham has to read run/pass and has a variety of responsibilities depending on the play.

Picking Vick over Foles is brilliant on Kelly's part - Marcus Hayes, Daily News

Vick is the new Doug Pederson.

Jimmy note: No he's not.

The Eagles are trend setters when it comes to player-for-player trades - Mike Kaye, BGN

There have been nine (technically 10, if you consider8ed the voided trade between the Browns and Seahawks this week) player-for-player trades this offseason alone. Of those trades, the Eagles have been involved in three player-for-player swaps. On top of those moves, eight of the nine player-for-player trades this offseason were done with at least one team that has a former Philadelphia executive or coach as a major decision-maker. In fact, four of the nine player-for-player trades have happened within the last two weeks and all have them have involved former or current Eagles' employees pulling the trigger.

Here are the nine trades that have taken place this offseason:

Jimmy note: Mike's list doesn't include the Felix Jones trade made this morning.

Let's talk offense - Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

The footwork and timing is so much cleaner in the NFL vs the Oregon offense. While Kelly understands the concept, Shurmur and Bill Lazor are guys that have taught it at the NFL level. That does make a difference. Getting a QB and receivers on the same page at a precision level isn’t easy.

Eagles switch weekly day off to Monday - Les Bowen, Daily News

In a normal NFL regular-season work week, you get Tuesday off.

Monday, the day after the game, is for injury treatment, maybe watching film of the previous day's game. Tuesday, you recharge at home. Wednesday, you start getting ready for the next opponent.

Ah, but Chip Kelly does not blindly follow tradition.

So the Eagles will practice regularly on Tuesdays this fall, quite possibly making them the only NFL team to do so. They also will do something at least slightly more spirited than the typical NFL walk-through on Saturday. Kelly will give the Eagles Monday completely off, but really, most teams don't go out on the field on Mondays anyway; Andy Reid's Eagles certainly didn't.

An old guy ushers in a new era - Jenny Vrentas, MMQB

Jimmy note: This is about Jason Babin, who the Eagles will face this Sunday in Jacksonville.

I think playing the Eagles, my former team, next week in the preseason, will be more like playing Chip Kelly than playing the Eagles. It’s not the guys that I left. I do have a few players, a few buddies who are still on the team that I talk with.They’re coming to our place, so we’ve got to represent.

Jason evidently forgot that he got cut.


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