Saying goodbye to Temple beat

Temple men's basketball coach Fran Dunphy. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

This will be one of the more difficult blog posts to write.

That’s because I only have great things to say about my three years on the Temple beat.

Monday was my last day as the Owls beatwriter for The Inquirer. After this post, this blog – Owls Inq – will belong to John Mitchell, who has taken over the beat. I was reassigned to the 76ers' coverage. As a result, I have decided to change my Twitter username to @PompeyOnSixers. (If you followed me before, you still follow me despite the different username.)

This post is my way to thank everyone for all of their correspondence over the last three years. I’ve formed a lot of great relationships and experienced many great moments.

What I learned is that Temple fans are passionate about men’s basketball and excited about the future of the football program. I made a few mistakes. Fortunately, nearly all Owls’ supporters were gracious enough to forgive my errors if it came with added effort late at night: Best and Worst Awards after an important victory or defeat.

I want to thank all the posters who took the time to add to the discussion during the weekly Temple chats here on Owls Inq. And I’ll never forget the Twitter dialogues I had with Owls' fans during games.

Hey, it doesn’t have to stop here. We can and should continue the same correspondence we had over the last three years. The only difference is the Sixers – not Temple – will be the topic of discussion.

But thank you for a wonderful three years,

-  Keith