Rhule talking tight end

Temple head coach Mark Rhule. (Michael Conroy/AP)

We know that it’s going to be a few weeks into the season before Temple finally gets a healthy Colin Thompson into the lineup at tight end.

But we do have a pretty good idea as to whom coach Matt Rhule is going to go with the in the meantime.

Rhule appears to be pretty happy with Wanemi Omuso as the starter. And when he goes to the two tight end offense expected to see Omuso out there with Saledeem Major.

Rhule is looking for versatility out of the tight ends. He wants them to be powerful blockers in the running game and athletic enough to create in the passing game.

Rhule also likes to deploy the tight end at fullback. In fact, there will probably be some situations this season when three tight ends are on the field at the same time.

Omuso, mostly due to his blocking, appeared in the first six games of last season before suffering a season-ending knee injury against Cincinnati. One of just four players remaining on the roster from the 2010 season (the others are Brett Pierce, Connor Reilly and Anthony Robey).

“Wanemi is returning as a starter, he proved to us that he can be that on-the-line tight end we’ve been looking for and still be athletic enough for us to be in the passing game,” Rhule said Monday morning. “Once we lost him last year in the Cincinnati game it really hurt us as the year went on.

“He can bock power, he block counter – he’s a true blocking tight end,” Rhule continued.”

Regarding Major, Rhule had this to say.

“He gives us a tight end that can also be on the line but can also be a fullback,” Rhule said. “He can motion out and be a receiver. We want to have two tight ends who can demonstrate versatility. Both tight ends can do that.”