Transport Me!

Get thee to thy private jet and head to a private island for a kick-off to summer! Ya, ummm, right. For most of us, who could only long for that kind of travel, a little addition to one's wardrobe may be at hand as a fitting, yet more down-to-earth substitute.

Our video shoot at Piazza Sempione satisfied a bit of the jet-set longings, and thankfully it cost only a couple of bucks of gas to get me to the King of Prussia Mall. Their new store just opened next to Neiman Marcus, and this international Italian brand makes you feel like you've headed to a little resort with its crystal chandeliers, bumping music and clothing crafted with care.

Our SnapGlow.TV team filmed the top looks for the season.  Reviewing the collection of stunning colors and casual-luxe styles, I felt myself transported to the Amalfi coast; aquas of the Mediterranean sea splashed onto breezy silks, while effervescent greens of tree leaves painted themselves onto cotton tunics and linen sheath dresses.  Prices were on the higher side, thanks to the euro-dollar conversion (which is thankfully coming down a tad).

Kelly Van Zant of Piazza Sempione told me that African safari-inspired palettes are also a key trend this season.  Laden with warm yellows, smoky browns, and vivid oranges reminiscent of sunsets over the Zambezi, the dresses transported you to your own personal safari.

The shoot went off without a hitch. However, afterwards, one of the models discovered she had lost her car keys and wandered around the mall looking for them. She came back with four men in tow who were quite happy to help out our damsel-in-distress. With the help of her manly-man team, she found the keys on the ground near the elevator and then jumped into her car and headed off into the sunset.